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    Founder: Andrew W. Jang
    aka Andrew (Drew) Morrison
    840 W. Blackhawk Street, Apt 902
    Chicago, Illinois 60642
    (630) 550-1161

    Co-Founder: Travis Swanson
    840 W. Blackhawk Street, Apt 902
    Chicago, Illinois 60642
    (712) 898-9136

    Corporate Counsel: Jamal E. Jackson, ESQ.
    Jackson Corporate Law, P.C.
    190 S. La Salle St., STE 430
    Chicago, IL 60603

    U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
    Complaints to SEC/Report Fraud or Wrongdoing

    Investor Tip

    A recurring message from past investors: Get CURRENT information written into the terms of your investment agreement. This should include:"

    • Both personal and business addresses for Andrew Jang
    • Telephone/email for both
    • Alternate contacts in his absence
    • Requirement that you be updated on all changes to the above