Referrals by Other Investors

Suppose you have just moved to a new city or state. Once you start settling into your new home, it will soon become apparent that you will need to find a new dentist, doctor, or hair stylist. If you’re like most people you are likely to begin asking your neighbors, friends, and co-workers who they might recommend.

And you will quickly learn who is good and who is not so good—and why. Combine that with a bit of your own Google search for reviews and you will have found yourself doing enough “due diligence” that you can now determine the professionals who may best serve your dental, medical and beauty needs.

Why would you not do the same in your due diligence upon a new investment offering? Andrew Jang has been in the investment business for many years, which affords you the advantage of numerous other investors to whom you might refer to.

What were their experiences in Jang investments? Did they make the returns on investments promised to them? Did they lose money? Were there “surprises” popping up in the duration of their investments? The insights that previous investors can provide will offer you and your advisor a good “snapshot” of what you might expect in your own investment with Jang business ventures.

Investor Tip

A good salesman is going to stress the urgency of the investment and leave you with a “take-away” that is a subtle form of pressure to act now. This tactic is likely to occur once it is obvious you are not going to act on this investment offering until you have conducted your full due diligence.

Instead ask the salesman to help you Expedite your decisions by assisting and cooperating fully in your due diligence process.

And, your investment decisions might be just as immediate as your decisions upon using the services of certain recommended dentists, doctors or hair stylist.

“The insights that previous investors can provide will offer you and your advisor a good ‘snapshot’ of what you might expect in your own investment in Jang business ventures.”

The "Disgruntled Investor"

When asking for referrals should a particular person be dismissed as a "Disgruntled" Investor (suggesting their testimony cannot be trusted), a red flag is being waved at you. This investor should be your number one go-to referral source! Get the full story from both the disgruntled investor and the other party describing that investor. Give each equal time. The questions you should be asking and the answers you need will quickly become apparent.

So, how do you and your advisor identify and contact these other investors? For starters, please contact us and we can point you in the direction of various investors who have risked their money with Andrew Jang in various business ventures. They, in turn, may refer you to yet other people who have done business with Andrew Jang—all an important part of doing your due diligence.